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UK’s ‘Outdoor blogging’ taking off

UK’s ‘Outdoor blogging’ taking off

The Outdoors Magic web site reports that UK blogging about the great outdoors is expanding rapidly:

Over the last few months the UK Outdoors Blogger scene has expanded considerably, increasing numbers from barely a handful to double digits. At the Outdoors Show later this month a group of these UK outdoors bloggers are meeting up, and, with tongue in cheek, they’ve called the get together the “UK Outdoors Bloggers Con 07”.

They include blogs from Cameron McNeish, and Alan Sloman’s Lands End to John O’Groats walk.

It may not be the biggest or most profitable niche, but not everyone wants to be a technology blogger, and I’m really encouraged that there are so many niche groups using the web to communicate their passions.

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What would be amazing is the combination of these outdoor-type blogs with mobile services that allow users to quickly and easily blog from virtually anywhere. Whilst mobile signals, wi-fi, and GPS may not fully extend to the Highlands of Scotland, or other remote locations, the ability for these passionate writers to live blog some of their experiences would be fantastic. Live blog from the summit of Ben Nevis, anyone?

I know there are countless other ‘outdoors’ bloggers around the world, sharing the wonder and excitement of the natural world. At times when I’m tethered to the computer, it’s great to read about the real world out there.

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  • I write an outdoor blog in reference to looking for shed antlers. I have seen more and more of the outdoor writers (here in the US) starting to blog which has been great. The ones I enjoy a lot are the hikers who share hiking experience. I agree with you when I’m not able to get out it is nice to read about people enjoying the great outdoors.

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