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UK’s Sunday Times newspaper publishes “the 100 best blogs”

UK’s Sunday Times newspaper publishes “the 100 best blogs”

As far as I’m concerned, putting together a “100 best blogs” post is potentially very easy (there are hundreds of millions of them) and yet extremely difficult — how do you narrow that list down to just 100 even in one genre?

The Sunday Times is the latest one of the established media to have a go at creating a list of jumping off points. The article is definitely aimed at those for whom reading blogs is not a current pastime — feed readers and blog directories are explained in a side panel.

Here we have a handful of blogs in each category — world affairs, celebrities, style, words, original thinkers, cult, comic relief, domestic politics (UK focused) and visual aids. That’s just 50 blogs, with film, science, art, the home, theatre, pop and classical coming next week.

There’s something a little strange about reading a two-part series (to encourage you to buy the paper two Sundays running) on blogs. No clicking on hyperlinks here — the reader has to type them in to the browser (and let’s face it, some novice computer users struggle with that). Printed addresses is also an odd concept.

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Will the bloggers noted receive a surge of traffic from being mentioned in the Sunday Times? It’s possible they’ll see a spike, but many of the bloggers are already fairly well known and well-visited.

What do you think of these “top 100 blog” lists?

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