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Confirmed: Shiny Media To Make A Comeback

Confirmed: Shiny Media To Make A Comeback

shiny-media-logoStraight from the Unconfirmed Department comes the news Managing Director and Co-Founder Chris Price confirmed to us that Shiny Media will make a return to the blogging stage. Shiny Media went spectacularly in to administration little more than 2 weeks ago and the blogosphere quickly filled with good old fashioned blog drama.

Today Sheldon Daniels announced on Tech Digest that normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning. No announcement has been made so far on the Shiny Media news page at the moment of writing and we could not reach anyone at Shiny Media. A trustworthy little bird told us that Managing Director and Co-founder Chris Price back at the office is.


Blog Herald writer and Splashpress Media Technology Channel Editor, Andy Merrett, who was contributor at Shiny Media until last month, confirmed that there are still openstanding wages for the months June and July.

A weird and unconfirmed tweet hints at an acquisition by Mobile B2B.


Update 1: On 03 August 2009 Chrisley Porris (?) wondered if it were legal to hire employees while putting a company in to administration on the Shiny Digital Twitter account.

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Update 2: Chris Price confirmed us during a phone call that Shiny Media will pick up its regular service tomorrow on several blogs.

Shiny Media will release issue a full statement in the next couple of days.

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