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University of New Hampshire loses job over blog post

University of New Hampshire loses job over blog post

A University of New Hampshire journalism student has been fired from a his work-study job at the University’s public relations office and the student newspaper following comments he made on his blog about wishing to rape a local member of the feminist action league.

The Union Leader reports that Kenneth Gagnon, a UNH junior majoring in journalism, wrote the blog post in November about Whitney Williams, a self-described radical feminist who gained attention in the past year for her outspoken views on rape.

Kim Billings, UNH spokesman and director of UNH Media Relations, told the Union Leader that Gagnon held a work-study job in her department as an editorial assistant since September writing stories for the school’€™s employee newsletter, The Campus Journal. She said his tenure ended ‘€œlate last week’€? but would not specify why Gagnon left.

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The location of Gagnon’s blog was not disclosed in the report.

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  • The headline is a little missleading don’t you think? He didn’t lose his job because of a blog post. He lost his job because he said he wanted to rape some woman.

    If he’d said it on the radio or in a newspaper the reaction would have been the same.

  • I am a long time friend of Kenny, he did not say he wanted to rape her he made a loose reference to it and it was posted in november, who goes looking for something like that unless they want to start something. Geesh

  • Morgan, of Point Loma High? The SAME damn Morgan whom I shared a seat near in Mr. DeGraw’s “wonderful” art class? The VERY SAME Morgan who I’ve lost touch with since, sheesh- MR. DeGRAW’S CLASS????? Curious.

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