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UPDATE: Bullying For the YouTube Generation

UPDATE: Bullying For the YouTube Generation

So, I posted during the week how school boys can now, with the help of a video enabled camera, Final Edit, and some adult footage found on the net (although apparently only 1% of the web is adult now — the searchable web, anyway), can post creative videos of their teachers on YouTube.

In Spain, bullying is reaching new heights (lows?), where the Times reports how a pair of them, not content to use social media to smear and intimidate, created a trojan virus to do the same.  Sound incredible?

The boys are accused of writing an ‘€œextremely powerful’€? computer virus and sending it to fellow schoolchildren in the guise of photographs or new ringtones for their mobile phones. Once installed, the ‘€œTrojan’€? virus would allow them to seize control of the webcams and microphones on their victims’€™ home computers Etelvina Andreu, an Alicante government official, said the teenagers recorded fellow pupils in ‘€œprivate moments inside their bedrooms’€? and ‘€œextorted money from them to stop the images from being published on the web’€?. The going rate was ‘‚¬200 (£135).

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Never mind the MySpace sex offender / murderer controversies on this side of the ocean, when you consider Evil flash mobs in Korea, using YouTube to terrorize teachers in the UK, and creating viruses to extort school children in Spain — well, does anyone else feeling a little jaded by technology these days?

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