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Update Your Playlists with These Music Blogs

Update Your Playlists with These Music Blogs

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There is a blog for everything, including music. If you are a music lover, adding blogs to your toolbox that dive into that love is a great benefit to not only find more music but learn about other people’s love of music. Music blogs are not always about the newest music, they may also showcase the top artists as well as the news that surrounds them.

Some blogs showcase new music of all genres while others stick to their niche. The same goes for popular artists as well as artists that are more underground or are still trying to get on their feet.

Each site typically has an email pop-up that will grant you access to all the latest drops to read immediately. Your playlists will thank you for subscribing to any and/or all of the sites below.

Here are 7 of my favorites

1. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a classic for a reason. They constantly recommend the most popular songs across all genres and dive into the artists as well. They have cemented themselves as experts in the music industry not only by finding the best new songs and showcasing them but to help you discover and get to know the newest stars in the industry.

2. Billboard

As one of the biggest music blog platforms, Billboard produces lists that are shared by millions like the Hot 100 and Global 100. Those songs tend to be the end-all-be-all for that week in the music industry because of how important the lists are. You can find blogs about new songs, upcoming artists, reviews, music videos, and more.

3. Pitchfork

Like Rolling Stone and Billboard, Pitchfork also rolls out new music and the latest news that goes along with it regarding artists or statistics. They pride themselves on being trusted news sources in an otherwise unpredictable setting. They give you access to recaps of merchandise, album drops, tour updates, and music videos for artists that can truly be difficult to keep up with due to the nature of their lives.

4. Earmilk

If you are a fan of underground music, this is the blog for you. Earmilk produces content involving the artists you want to hear about but didn’t know you wanted to hear about them. They have a team of journalists, musicians, and music fans who all share their passion for music by doing the hard work of discovering music so their readers can reap the benefits easily.

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5. Under the Radar

Indie fans will love Under the Radar because it contains in-depth interviews with popular, and rising stars of indie artists and bands. It also showcases the latest releases and produces lists to help fans discover the best of Indie at any given moment.

6. Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture

Just as the name indicates, fans of classic rock will be able to feel right at home with this blog. Ultimate Classic Rock and Culture bring fans the latest classic rock updates. It also brings lists, videos, and of course blog posts. They typically share posts 24 hours a day and keep them coming throughout the day. This way fans always have something new to see.

7. This Song is Sick

This Song is Sick started as a small blog in 2010 by a man who wanted to share his favorite music that he found with others. Now, it’s a team full of dedicated music lovers on the hunt to bring fans the best of the best across all genres. Readers can even submit their own or a friend’s music to be featured using their submission process.

Wrap Up

Whether you are in the market for new music, blogs, or both, this list is a guide to the best. No matter what genre or style you are searching for. You may even discover a new favorite that you have been given a chance to yet. That is the beauty of music and sharing music with others.

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