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5 Music Blogs That Are Rocking It And How To Get Your Own Band Font

5 Music Blogs That Are Rocking It And How To Get Your Own Band Font

Blogging is extremely important for any content marketing strategy as statistics reveal that 61% of the US consumers have made a purchase after reading a blog post. This happens for all blog topics: toys, mobile phones, computers, cars, equipment, content related to the music industry, and even for houses and land plots. People have a strong tendency to listen to others, always have that in mind when reading something or when you decide to buy something.

There will be 2 sections of this article: a short presentation of 5 music blogs that are probably the best on the planet and we will also discuss famous rock bands fonts, being a hot topic for the fonts industry, and how to get free fonts for your music band. Some of the most interesting lettering and fonts are used by rock bands, for their logos, album covers, T-shirts, and bracelets. Nice and inspiring things can be found in this niche.

Look at Metallica – awesome from all points of view: music, team members, look, but also their logo is extremely cool.

Below we will help you with 5 handpicked music blogs out of 100. These blogs will tell you what is new in the world of music, will help you listen awesome podcasts where artists explain how they are doing their music, and much more. 

1. Song Exploder

About Song Exploder is an excellent podcast where musicians tell the story of how they made their songs. There are 2 posts per month, each episode featuring an artist. Extremely cool podcast.

2. Pitchfork

AboutPitchfork is the most popular music resource website on the planet, covering all the music genres: rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, metal, and others.

3. Metalinjection

AboutMetalInjection is probably the most important music website for metal music and news on the internet. Starting with the design, the daily and unique content being added, and ending with the awesome podcasts, this website should be on your favorites.

4. Pigeons & Planes

About Pigeons & Planes covers several music genres and it is delivering new music daily and music news. 

5. Music | Reddit

About – On Reddit you will find tons of discussions and recommendations about all genres of music.

Famous Rock Bands Fonts and How to Get Free Fonts 

The music industry created some of the best fonts in the world, being super inspirational for other industries – advertising being probably the most inspired. Metallica, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, AC/ DC, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Nirvana, and many other music bands are using fantastic lettering, and designs. All these fonts are powerful, remarkable, and it will stay in your mind forever after you watch them for 1-minute. 

A strong font of an established band should send you the music band message or feelings. It’s very complicated to get it done properly and it probably takes many days of hard and team work. 

What do you do if you don’t have huge budgets like some music bands or blogs, and you still need a strong font?

How can you get free fonts for your music band or blog? There are many solutions for this task. A quick and efficient way to find free fonts is to use WhatFontIs service, it will help you identify any font from any picture, in seconds, without you needing to have any special skills or previous experience. 

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WhatFontIs has a catalogue of 550K+ fonts (commercial and free) and a powerful and quick AI font finder, that will help you get a great font in seconds. For every uploaded image, the platform will show over 60 fonts with links, so you can download them right away.

To quickly identify a font you like, follow these 3 steps.

Step 1 – You upload a screenshot of the font you like or you enter the URL of the image.

Step 2 – You verify if the characters viewed by WhatFontis match the characters of your uploaded image.  On this step you can choose how you want to browse through the 550,000 fonts: display only free fonts or free alternative fonts, display commercial fonts or simply display all fonts.

Step 3 – On this step, the font you were searching for is identified. If it doesn’t find the right match, it suggests over 60 alternatives you can scroll down through and choose the one that most resembles your font. In most cases, WhatFontis also specifies the websites where you may download/buy the identified fonts.

Many of these fonts are available for free download.

The End

Music is awesome, it doesn’t matter how are you connected with the industry – you create music, you listen to it, you have a music blog, you produce music equipment, or whatever you do. These 5 blogs / websites will update you with everything you need to know about this industry.

Regarding fonts, they have a huge role in the music industry, being part of the music bands logos, posters, music blogs, and more. 

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