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U.S. Newspaper Circulation Drops Another 3.6%

U.S. Newspaper Circulation Drops Another 3.6%

Reuters is reporting that U.S. newspaper circulation has dropped by 3.6% over the past six months, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

The majority of the top 25 American papers suffered a reduction. And according to some sources, sales are at their lowest level since 1949.

Sunday papers, which have generally weathered the storm better, (maybe it’s all those comics and coupons), experienced the steepest drop, declining 4.5%.

More and more people are turning online for their news.

It’s not a new question, but one that I always find interesting.

Would you, dear blogger, miss newspapers if they went extinct?

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I believe there will always be a place for paper, albeit a more limited role. I wouldn’t get the tombstone ready just yet…

Here lies the newspaper; 1605 – 2008

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  • I worked in newspapers for 9 years, mostly in community papers. I read most of my news online, but every morning I pick up our large metro paper.

    I would definitely miss my “paper” newspaper. But I agree, it is way too early to sound the death tolls of newspapers.

  • I think there is only one solution to increase the revenue and that is e-publishing. Publishing over the online is on boom and most of the people are using the online to see the e-editions of print publications. There are new technologies came and these new mediums will definitely thrive the circulations. Companies like helping the print publishers to distribute over the new technology mediums. I think these kinds of services will really increase the revenues.

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