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Use Buffer to Auto-Schedule Tweets and Receive Tweet Analytics for Your Tweets

Use Buffer to Auto-Schedule Tweets and Receive Tweet Analytics for Your Tweets

What does it take to create influence on Twitter? Giving you a full answer to this question would most likely fill more than a quick post you are here to read for. However one of the things which are a sure key to be more awesome on Twitter is to create great content – consistently. Let me therefore tell you about a new Twitter App called Buffer. It will help you to achieve exactly that in a super simple way.

Buffer in two sentences

What you do with Buffer is you put a few tweets in your Buffer, say in the evening for example. The app then schedules these tweets for you during the day – that’s it.

Step 1: Throw a few tweets in your Buffer

After you created your account, you can immediately start putting tweets in your Buffer. Add them from your Buffer home account. Or make it even easier and install one of the browser extensions, which will let you add tweets from ANY page you are on.

Step 2: Edit, move or delete tweets

Once you have Buffered a few tweets. You can go back to your home account and reedit tweets if you want. Move them around or delete those which didn’t turn out so great

Step 3: Get analytics for your Buffered tweets

One thing you will particularly like when using Buffer is that you get analytics for your Buffered tweets. On your way to being awesome on Twitter this is key. Learn about which tweets to better than other, so you can adjust them towards getting better.


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Using Buffer will allow you to tweet consistently, yet without spending all day on Twitter. Together with the possibility to see your impact via analytics will allow for more targeted tweeting.

One of the pitfalls for Buffer at the moment is that it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile version of it’s product. This should be a logical next step to make consistent tweeting even easier still.

What do you think about Buffer? Let us know below.

This entry was submitted by Leo Widrich, Team Member of Buffer App.

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