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Using Birthday Discounts to Boost Customer Engagement

Using Birthday Discounts to Boost Customer Engagement

Birthday Discounts

In a changing market strategy landscape, companies across various sectors like retail, healthcare, hospitality and financial services have started to capitalize on customer data. Birthday messages and discounts have emerged as a popular tactic to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

By delving deeply into consumer behavior and preferences, businesses can implement fine-tuned promotions that make customers feel both unique and valued. Despite ever-stricter data privacy laws, companies are securely handling and storing customer data to facilitate these personalized marketing strategies.

However, some businesses are missing these opportunities to make personal connections on their customer’s special days. This oversight can lead to customers feeling overlooked and underserved, marring otherwise strong business relationships.

An exemplar case of implementing this type of strategy is seen with Delta. Two months before a customer’s birthday, the airline motivates them to plan a trip by offering encouraging messages and a $25 e-credit for early booking. This approach is viewed as enjoyable, non-aggressive sales-wise, and convertManda the whole process into an agreeable experience instead of a mere transaction.

In contrast, British Airways, despite its long-term relationship with customers, failed to recognize their birthdays. This unmatched practice contrasts with Virgin Atlantic that automatically offers members an additional 2,000 points to celebrate their birthdays.

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Surprisingly, brands that are infrequently used by the customers have begun to gain attention by sending intriguing messages. For instance, Aegean Airlines caught the attention of many customers by offering useful tips to visit the spectacular island of Santorini on their birthdays.

The birthday response of a brand significantly contributes to shaping the customer’s perception of it. As such, this strategy presents a golden opportunity for travel brands to strengthen their relationships with customers and tap into their inherent love for exploration and adventure. Successful customer engagement can thus be achieved by closely syncing the brand’s offers and messages with the customer’s innate travel interests.

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