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Using YouTube To Give You That Big Break

Using YouTube To Give You That Big Break

Well, it worked for one hobbyist reviewer anyway — and landed her a job at the BBC! Susi Weaser, who posted regular 2 minute reviews on technology won over televsion executives looking to create a Sunday afternoon program on technology.

“It was like having a showreel online, and we got her in and screen-tested her, and she was great.

“She’s young, she’s female – which is nice in that field as well because typically it’d be a guy that you would presume would be doing something like that – and she’s been very popular.”

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Her “upbeat” and “quirky” style will be featured in the show called “Something for the Weekend” — and it just goes to show that YouTube isn’t all just police style beatings and defamatory attacks.  While Ms. Weaser may be the first British citizen to be hired right out of YouTube, there is at least one instance stateside where that’s happened already, and that is Brooke Brodack, being signed by Carson Daly this past summer

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  • This is the future. BBC, CW, NBC, etc will all have people monitoring the web (and many do already) looking for the next breakout comedy, talk host, or new anchor. This is the Long Tail of content creation. Standards are still high, but as YouTube etc become farm teams for traditional broadcasters, it only lends credibility to the idea of “net-centric” or “net only” broadcasts. Stay tuned! Jerry Kolber,

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