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Vale Kerry Packer, Welcome to our Scientology Overlord

Vale Kerry Packer, Welcome to our Scientology Overlord

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer, Australia’s richest man (Rupert’s American now after all) and owner of one of Ausrtalia’s largest media and gambling empires Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (owners of the 9 network, ACP Magazines, Crown Casino to name but a few) passed away last night at the age of 68. More coverage at the Sydney Morning Herald.

I for one would like to welcome James Packer to the helm of PBL and promise to not make too many jokes about the fact that the Church of Scientology now controls one of Australia’s largest media empires. We’ve heard on the grapeview that National Nine News is going to include a salute every night to the Xenu, and well as replacing those overnight happy clappy christian shows with Scientology sessions. I particularly look forward to what our politicians will do now that they have to brown nose to a scientologist. Will Scientology be promised as Australia’s new national religion by the party that want’s the most positive coverage in the press? Will Ricky Ponting turn to Scientology to help the Australian Cricket team….interesting times ahead!

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