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VaultPress Gives Stat Geeks Another Reason To Choose WordPress

VaultPress Gives Stat Geeks Another Reason To Choose WordPress

The boys and girls at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) have released a new feature for VaultPress that should help make WordPress more appealing for those who live and die by their analytics.

Today, we’re announcing the first release of VaultPress stats, available immediately for all of our beta customers on their VaultPress dashboards.

VaultPress stats complement stats packages you may already be running, like the stats plugin or Google Analytics. […]

Because VaultPress backs up activity on your blog in realtime, we can help you understand time-based patterns. What time of day do you blog most often? What day of the week do you blog the most? We’ve crunched these numbers for you so you can see at a glance when you’re most productive. (Official VaultPress Blog)

At first glance the new VaultPress stats dashboards seems more of a “Google Reader stats meets Disqus analytics” mash up, in which Automattic blends the best of both services upon one dashboard.

However one feature I did find distinct about the VaultPress dashboard was its ability to track the number of media files uploaded, as well as pages created (2 features that may appeal to group blogs as well as analytical geeks).

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Unfortunately there is no way to segregate between media types (i.e. images, videos, audio, etc.) which could help further distinguish VaultPress from the sea of WordPress backups available.

Despite presenting users with basic stats from “behind the curtain,” the new dashboard is pleasant to look upon, which may help convince a few of my Joomla friends to make the WP switch (as they have been watching VaultPress with envious eyes).

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