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VaultPress To Court WordPress Multi-Sites?

VaultPress To Court WordPress Multi-Sites?

After sending golden tickets to users on stand-a-lone WordPress blogs, it looks like Automattic (the company behind WordPress) will be supporting multi-sites soon.

Unfortunately the only thing that is preventing multi-sites from being supported can be summed up in one word: billing.

Right now VaultPress is for standalone instances of WordPress only, but the question on everyone’s mind seems to be: what about MU + MS? With the merge of MU and WordPress into MS (multi-site) with 3.0 I’m not surprised it’s a hot topic.

For WordPress MS users, we just need to figure a few things out first, namely billing and enumerating your blogs. On the tech side, hooking into MS is not going to be hard since it’s basically just a bunch of WordPresses. (Official VaultPress Blog)

Emphasis: Mine.

Currently beta users are paying $15/month per blog in order to have their sites backed up 11 times in 5 different locations (3 data centers, one copy upon Amazon S3 and another that is shrouded in secrecy).

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Although that price might be “reasonable” for bloggers backing up a personal site, large multi-site services boasting over 70,000 blogs would easily go bankrupt at those prices as their bill would be $1,000,000/month!

Hopefully VaultPress can come up with a reasonable price soon, as there are many independent blogging networks who would love to use WordPress’s premium backup service without paying a hefty premium to enjoy it.

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