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European e-commerce web site has announced the launch of UK and Italian blogs, aimed to offer a more direct line of contact with its seven million strong membership base and increasing transparency.

The press release suggests that the blog “reveals all the secrets behind the website: how it works, tricks of the trade, the latest news, new projects, prizes awarded, the professional teams… In a nutshell, everything that goes on behind the scenes.”

It’s a private blog open only to members, with membership only available via referral from an existing member. It’s managed by a team of native English speakers.

A French blog has already been running for four years, boasting over 100 articles and 57,000 posts last year alone.

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The Spanish and German blogs, launched in March last year, have published over 100 articles, with more than 5,300 posts by Spanish bloggers and 1,300 posts by German bloggers.

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  • Great! I go on the French blog sometimes and there’s a great community there, quite surprising for an e-commerce site really. Even though I don’t live in France anymore I still go on sometimes! It’s great to hear there’s an English version, I look forward to reading it!

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