Violet Blue Finally Responds to Boing Boing Mess

The deletion of posts mentioning Violet Blue has gotten some serious blogosphere and print media coverage. Boing Boing responded, in a way that makes pretty much sense really, but Violet Blue herself didn’t really chip in, more than by linking left and right. Well, no more, she’s had enough, so she’s answering what has been said quote by quote (not everything of course) in a recent blog post (ads are NSFW). With links and lots of reading. If you want to dive into this whole mess, that’s a good place to start, no matter what you think about Boing Boing’s actions.

And this is funny.

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  • I’m glad the finally answered, but I don’t think they answered adequately. We’re just supposed to trust them that they did this for valid reasons? They’ve never had any compunctions about making their motivations public in the past. Plus, If you read the comment thread on BB’s response, they are absolutely contemptuous.
    This smells yucky. No more BB for me.

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