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Vote App Lets Facebook Users Express Their Outrage

Vote App Lets Facebook Users Express Their Outrage

I’m not the right person to judge the new Facebook design because I find the social network utterly boring, and the only reason I even reactivated my account was to get in touch with people addicted to the service. I will say that the previous design was cluttered, while this one is nicer on the eye. That is, however, not the most important thing when it comes to app-like services and sites like Facebook, and a lot of users dislike the new design.

A new Facebook application, called New Layout Vote, lets you vote on the new design. These are disheartening numbers for Zuckerberg & Co., because as of now, some 900,911 users have voted and the score is a whopping 94% against the new design. As in don’t like it. The app will break 1 million in a few hours time, if the increase in votes right now is anything to go by.

More on Techmeme, of course.

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So what do you think about the (fairly) new Facebook design?

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  • In a way, this is funny. After the endless crusading of thousands of groups against whatever issue came along, they have finally turned on themselves. :-)

  • I am amazed that people who pride themselves on staying up-to-date with tech can be such crybabies when tech changes. I joined the chorus when Facebook changed the last time. But I soon realized that improvement was a real improvement. Under the old, old Facebook, you had to search for a friend’s Wall pretty hard before you found it. So they put it where you could find it easily.

    A friend griped last night that he could not find his apps. (I do not use any apps other than the default ones.) I found his apps in less than five minutes. I later saw a little tab he could have clicked to access his apps. Boo hoo whah. I also told him that, by moving the apps off the main page, they cut down on bandwidth usage. How many times had my browser almost come to a crawl, too, because a Facebook profile was too cluttered with apps?

    The news feed is more accessible now. No more “News Feed” and “Live Feed.” That irked me under the old Facebook.

  • Thing is, it’s common for people to voice an opinion against something but rarer for people to bother to say they actually like something, so I’m not surprised that the overwhelming majority of those who voted said they didn’t like the new design.

    Give it a couple of weeks and most people will have forgotten about it and be back to wanting to hit slow walking people in the back of the head, or kill various celebrities, or start some mass uprising (from the comfort of their sofa) against some mildly irritating Government proposal / TV show / politician / journalist (delete as applicable).


  • @Andy
    I agree. There are (only) 800.000 participants. Last time I checked Facebook had 60.000.000 users. So 94% should realy be 1.3% .. almost insignificant.

  • Ehm, guys, I think it’s probably the technologically advanced crowd that are hating the new layout – it looks amateurish, childish and is appalling web design in terms of the visual effect!

    It’s got nothing to do with not finding your stuff, that doesn’t take long at all, it’s got to do with a major step backward since the last update. We finally got rid of the application crazed profiles, and now our home pages are littered with actions taken in applications. The only way to get rid of them is by removing that friend’s updates from the home page completely. The news feed is no longer a news feed, it’s an application feed. Facebook was worried about Twitter? Hell, they weren’t going to lose users to Twitter, but they may lose users to this.

  • @Walter
    There are (only) 800.000 participants. Last time I checked Facebook had 60.000.000 users. So 94% should realy be 1.3% .. almost insignificant.

    That’s how polls are suppose to work, if you didn’t know.

    Is even a 94% high? Maybe.

    But there are those of us who don’t care to install an application just to vote on a poll. About 60,000,000 of us.

  • There are (only) 800.000 participants who care, the rest doesn’t. People are not going to vote to say something is great. I know how polls work: they don’t. ;-)

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