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Wanna Work In Tech? The 7 Most Popular Business Degrees Of 2013 Can Help

Wanna Work In Tech? The 7 Most Popular Business Degrees Of 2013 Can Help

Business DegreesWe are huge fans of technology at The Blog Herald and after years of following the top trends in tech we get the importance of understanding the industries we enter.

The team at Potomac College recently examined the most sought after degrees in business and as expected they can all offer something to enterprising up and comers in the connected space.

As anyone who has ever started a new website can tell you there is a degree of entrepreneurship that can’t be understated. From learning about online marketing to building partnerships with other company’s to developing a strategic point of attack for your content or products, understanding how to build a business is an important first step. 

With the rapidly increasing number of e-commerce sites a degree in e-commerce has also emerged in 2013. From data mining and analytics to understanding the global products markets this degree is most definitely the future of B2C.

Throw in degrees in marketing, finance and economics and you can quickly see how all of the degrees can be used in various ways via the online market.

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Take a closer look at Potomac’s 7 most popular business degrees of 2013 and let us know how you think they can be used in the online business sector.

Via: Potomac College

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