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Want A Job At Google? First Step Is Having A Google+ Account

Want A Job At Google? First Step Is Having A Google+ Account

Google Plus JobsFree food, yoga classes and other events mark the perks of a Google job but only if you can actually land a position. According to a new infographic by Data visualization service and created for SocialTimes your chances at landing a Google job increase if you actually have a Google+ account.

GPlusData discovered that more than 10 percent of  the 114 million people that the social analytics service tracks have claimed Google as an employer. Those claims include jobs at YouTube, Google and the company’s other divisions.

While it is true Google does not employ 11.4 million people (even more if you take its full 500 million+ user base) those numbers likely include freelance workers, former employees, YouTube partners and Google hopefuls. 

Google mentions on Google+ make sense as the company currently features more than 112 pages devoted to Google products and those pages are regularly updated by Google employees.

Google does have a career connection tool but it only applies to Google’s job board at this time.

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Here is the full infographic from Visual.lySocialTimesGPlusData, and other sources.

Google Wants Future Employees To Use Google Plus

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