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Want a Tesla? Watch What You Blog

Want a Tesla? Watch What You Blog


Let me begin by stating the obvious: Tesla is a really cool luxury car. It makes the electric car something that you don’t shelling out some serious money to get. When you see one of the road, it’s practically impossible to ignore.

But if you’re a blogger with about $80,000 to spend a Tesla (and, let’s be honest, you’d have to be a pretty successful blogger to be in that particular position), make sure you watch what you write about. If you don’t, CEO Elon Musk might just stop production on your Tesla.

That’s exactly what happened to Stewart Alsop. Okay, it’s fair to say that Alsop isn’t exactly your typical blogger. He’s not sitting his a one-bedroom apartment with a MacBook sitting on his lap, typing away at 74 words per minute.

Alsop is a Californian venture capitalist who ordered one of Musk’s new Tesla Model X. But Alsop’s September blog post entitled “Dear @ElonMusk: You should be ashamed of yourself” seems to have really gotten under Musk’s skin.

Alsop’s blog post recounts the botched Tesla Model X Launch Event. It’s mostly a lament about how Musk and Tesla wasted a bit of Alsop’s time. Alsop complains about the the launch event starting almost two hours late, his 2.5-hour drive time to get to the event and even Tesla’s boring “amateur” slide show.

As it turns out, owning your own awesome electric car company has a few benefits, one of which is cancelling the order of “rude” customers.

After Musk cancelled Alsop’s order, Alsop took to his blog and penned “Banned By Tesla!” While none of the writing is exactly riveting, it’s pretty fun to see Musk and Alsop go at it.


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