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Want to Know What Mike Arrington Is Thinking?

Want to Know What Mike Arrington Is Thinking?

Well, its possible if you reckon he thinks through his RSS feeds, that is.  That’s right — although its probably dated, Mike “TechCrunch” Arrington’s RSS feed list has been found.  He has 373 feeds at last count that he is monitoring and they include the usual suspects.  [if you’re interested in a “river” of his news, check this out] What role does this information have other than sheer voyeuristic interest?

Well, who knows where his RSS list has gone from here, or (how many different different one’s he’s got), but for Web2.0 watchers, these kinds of lists are always interesting, because if you’re starting out, they give you a map of what one of the most prominent bloggers are reading regularly … and they give you an idea of what news and opinion you might be missing.
And as an aside, if you’re interested in ‘watching’ Mike Arrington, as spooky as that may sound, you can even peek at his Flickr photoset for some … interesting … photos.  :)

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