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Want to Succeed in Viral Marketing on Facebook?

Want to Succeed in Viral Marketing on Facebook?

Michael Arrington shares a document sent out by Facebook on how to succeed in viral marketing using Facebook Pages. Maybe that’ll help you boost those poor visitor numbers on your oh so cool blog project?

Facebook’s dead to me, but I can certainly see its uses for marketing people targeting the mainstream crowd. And other areas as well, I’d reckon, although I don’t think that Facebook is the hippest place to be anymore. Then again I’m old, so what do I know?

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  • Viral marketing on social media sites like Facebook and Myspace is not dead!

    They were both early movers into the world of social media and have very HUGE advantages because of it.

    The fact of the matter is they both have a stranglehold on the teenage and young adult market. This is the largest market thanks to the baby boomers and vast majority of youth in the U.S.

    Yes there will be more niche type social media sites that will or have started up to capture different groups and niche markets but Facebook and Myspace will always be battling for number 1!

    Thats why I use viral marketing on BOTH of them to promote my own blog Internet Marketing Techniques

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