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Webby Award Upset: Could Your Blog Win?

Webby Award Upset: Could Your Blog Win?

What do Jimmy Fallon, the New York Times, Twitter and Neil Pasricha (WHO?!) have in common? They will all be recipients of the coveted Webby Award in June.

We must tip our cap to Neil Pasricha, owner of The everyman blogger has taken his Website, which is counting down one thousand “awesome” things, to the big show.

With over 3 million hits to date, this blogger’s tale should serve as an inspiration to everyone who toils away at the keyboard day-in and day-out. REMINDER: A good blog does NOT need to be over planned.

From picking your nose to real-bearded Santas, the site offers a daily look at life’s mini-pleasures. It is a true testament that a good blog doesn’t always need to be over-thought and be riddled with bells and whistles. I

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1000 Awesome Things is well-written, yet pithy and concise. It uses the simplest blog template imaginable.
I understand this could be the exception to the rule rather than the norm, but it certainly is giving me some added motivation this morning.

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