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Website Owners Unite on Adroll to Make Money

Website Owners Unite on Adroll to Make Money

The concept of Adroll simple: bloggers sharing a specific topic band together to lure advertisers. Bloggers win because they can attract larger clients; advertisers win because they can spread their message across a niche with a single ad purchase.

The site has been in beta for quite some time and recently opened to the public.

Advertisers can search the Adroll directory for specific blogs or communities, or bloggers can solicit advertisers by sharing their profile link (you can view mine here).

Signing up is simple. Just input your blog URL, enter some basic traffic and demographic information, indicate the size/location where ads can appear and you could be enjoying a new revenue stream.

If you haven’t stopped by Adroll recently, there have been some improvements:

* Links from your ad space now go directly to your Public Profile

* Other publishers can connect with you using your Public Profile

* The marketplace is open, so advertisers can buy

* Any advertiser can buy on your website using Adroll – no registration required

See Also

* Updated campaign tool permits geo-targeting on your site

There is also a referral program. Tier 1 publishers earn 30% of every dollar Adroll earns (for 6 months) from any publisher you invite or direct into Adroll. Earn 10% of every dollar Adroll earns (for 6 months) from any new publisher invited or directed into Adroll by a publisher you invited or directed into Adroll.

Looks promising. I’ve set up a career and employment community. If you’re interested, sign up! I’ll keep you updated if I have any luck with the program.

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