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Weebly Blogs Are Now 100% iPhone Friendly

Weebly Blogs Are Now 100% iPhone Friendly

Weebly, a blog platform geared more towards the average user (instead of technical geeks) has finally rolled out an update that will excite premium users who just happen to boast an iOS device.

We’ve just upgraded the Weebly video player to now support fallback to HTML5 video on systems that don’t support Flash. In practice, this means that the videos now work on mobile phones and on the iPad! […]

It’s our small way of saying “Thanks” to Weebly Pro users for your support! We thrive on your continued feedback to let us know what we’re doing right, what we could be doing better, and what new features we should build next. (Official Weebly Blog)

The embrace of HTML5 videos should complete Weebly’s belated embrace of the mobile web, especially right after the company began to court mobile layouts for the platforms blogs.

Despite the embrace of the mobile web, the company has yet to announce any plans on developing an official iOS app or even one for Android.

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While Weebly lacks the market share of and Tumblr, the company surprisingly receives more traffic than Squarespace (at least as far as unique visitors go).

With the new year upon us, hopefully the company will seriously consider embracing mobile smartphones (not to mention tablets) in the future, as it could help Weebly appeal more to the masses.

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