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We’re being dugg, hang in…

We’re being dugg, hang in…

Ben’s post about CSS Tips & Tricks is currently the lead story on Digg.

Bear with us while we try to handle the traffic load…

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  • Whatever. WP-CACHE has some bugs – that’s why it’s not used here day to day – or on any of our other blogs.

    I do systems administration work for a living on top of running this blog network – we’re sitting on a load average of 0.30 right now, which is damn good considering the amount of traffic we’re pumping out.

    I’m curious what your network architecture for blogmedia would be since you seem to be rather the expert on such things.


  • The problem is always with WordPress. Business Logs has been on Digg’s frontpage a dozen times and has never went down, even on a shitty shared server, because we use Movable Type which renders all pages statically. WP pages have multiple SQL queries to pull db content which frequently overloads MySQL and causes the Digg effect.

  • I like WordPress alot – except when we get a ton of traffic like this.. wp-cache does help.

    Anyways, we’ve been stable since about 10am this morning, so life is better :)

  • Matt,

    seriously I’d never expected that a huge platform like BlogMedia didn’t make use of wp-cache. Actually it is the first (or one of the first) plugins I always install since the mysql optimization of WP a known problem is.
    3-4 Years ago I ran computer communities based on Postnuke, with PNPhpBB boards. The biggest community had 200+ new forum threads daily and 9000 unique visitors. In that period every trick was still allowed to slow down the MSN bot, even just the Google Bot could kill 2.8Ghz servers at that time for much smaller sites. You can imagine caching has become my first task to do with every new site.

    I do know BM is a stable and very fast platform. Hence my surprise this morning when I read that you don’t use any caching engine. I hadn’t expect the digg effect on this platform. Actually it upsets me when big sites like BM suffer that kind of problems.

  • I’m simply not a fan of wp-cache – it works better with WP2 than it did with WP1.5, and that’s a good thing. But it is buggy, in my mind. Too many blank page loads.

    In any event, things have been stable since 10am this morning so I have no worried.


  • Franky–

    Wp-cache is okay. It certainly isn’t everything. In fact, in some situations it sucks. So, I don’t know I’d recommend it to everyone… Just my 2 c.

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