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What Advertising Method Works Best With Your Blog?

What Advertising Method Works Best With Your Blog?

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger shares How I Make Money from Blogs – My Top Earners.

I decided a year or so ago that I wasn’t going to put specific dollar figures to my income any more in public – however as I get a lot of questions from readers asking for updates I thought I’d share where my blogging income has been coming from lately.

All I will say in terms of dollar figures is that I am still well and truly earning over six figures per year from the following income streams.

The following is a ranking of my top 9 income streams for the fourth Quarter of 2006.

The key point that isn’t quite emphasized enough in his post is that not all types of ads work for every blog. He mentions that Chitika does very well for him, but not on ProBlogger. He uses it on his digital photography blog where posts on products are more inline with the advertiser’s purpose.

This applies to any form of advertising you use on your blog. Make it appropriate, make it related, and make it match the overall look and content on your blog for the best income producing results.

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But why do some ad campaigns work better than others? Is it blog design specific or content specific? Or maybe demographics play a critical role?

Have you found that only specific types of advertising work better on your blog than others? Why? Are there specific types of blogs that work better with one form of advertising than others? Is it consistent? What has been your experience?

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  • Google AdSense and TLA has been the great pair for my blog.

    I tried Amazon affiliates and AdBrite, even Kontera’s in-text ads, they simply didn’t work for me.

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