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What Band Would Your Blog Be?

What Band Would Your Blog Be?

Music has always held a ridiculously important place in my life. So on the way into work this morning, when I was struggling with blog topics to write about, a thought popped into my mind:

What if your blog was a band? Who would you want it to be?

First, you would need to figure out the type of “music” your blog is currently generating.

What is the tone of your posts? Are they short and punchy kinda like a Ramones or Bad Religion song?

Are they musically all over the place like a Queen song?

Do they have an introspective nature like a Coldplay or Radiohead?

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I want my blog to be like Pearl Jam (though nowhere near as good or cool!). Their songs vary greatly in length (just like my posts), their tone is consistent (as far as knowing what you’ll get, yet still finding it enjoyable), and they put on an amazing live show (fewer edits!).

Most of their songs are solid, however there are a few tracks that are skippable. Though those are few and far between.

What band or music group is your blog like?

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  • My blog is an extention of my business. It is a way for people to enjoy the salon experience even when they are away from it.

    I think the blog is like th B-52s. It is technically proficient, has durability, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • I’d like to think my blog is a bit Collective Soul… progressive, kinda punchy, crafted with great care, insightful, sometimes self-deprecating, but still lighthearted.

    Now the challenge is whether the image I’d like to portray really is conveyed to my readers. Do I seem insightful or come across as a preachy know-it-all? Is the care in which I select words and images to represent my ideas truly evident?

    Certainly, you can look at your traffic stats all day and mine some interesting trends and patterns. And reader comments can be an indicator of how well you’re connecting with your readers – if they bother to respond. But I wish there were a clearer way to know for sure how closely my vision is living up to the reality as perceived by people who visit my site.

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