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What Do You Use Twitter For?

What Do You Use Twitter For?

That’s certainly a valid question, one that The Guardian asked and got a bunch of replies to. An interesting read, and a funny one to be sure.

You can follow both me and the Blog Herald on Twitter. Me, I communicate, and this very site you’re reading is mostly about syndicating content. For now…

Naturally, I’d like to know what you use Twitter for?

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  • Started using Twitter about 2 months ago. Don’t use it too much though, because everytime I want to update my twitter, I have to do it on my computer. I should go mobile with twitter pretty soon.

    However, I realize that you can use Twitter for so many different things. In fact, I just posted a post one week ago about how medical surgery and twitter can go hand in hand. Personally, I only used Twitter for blog update, following what my friends are doing, and let others know about any interesting stuff that I found or did.

    Any idea for more useful usage of Twitter? May be I can try your idea.

  • The absolute KEY to using Twitter is to install a client to handle your tweets. I’m using Tweetdeck but there’s also Twhirl.

    Install a client and you’ll soon discover what the fuss is about Twitter

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