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What Is LinkedIn Today?

What Is LinkedIn Today?

LinkedIn hasn’t shied away from improving its service by adding new features, the most recent being its revamped company search feature. Continuing the trend is LinkedIn Today, a newspaper that aggregates the latest social news.

LinkedIn Today puts a new spin on aggregating social news and displays what’s relevant to your industry keeping you up to date on your field. LinkedIn takes a familiar approach by pulling content from the Twitter feeds of relevant and respected online publications. Categories include Online Media, Internet, IT, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Software and Design.

As of now, the new aggregation network isn’t available for widespread public use but can be accessed one of two ways. The simplest is to visit LinkedIn Today directly. The other is to visit the “News – Beta” section under the “More” drop-down when logged in to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is focusing heavily on filtering content based on different industries but socially validated by your peers. In the company’s launch post, they mention the three ways:

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1. What your connections and coworkers – people you know – are sharing.
2. What your industry peers are sharing
3. What stories are interesting to a wider audience, outside of your industry

LinkedIn’s move to being an aggregate to social news for your industry puts it in competing territory with Twitter and which allows anyone to create a sort of online newspaper. The service displays Tweets and Facebook updates compiled by a curator in a newspaper format and are often industry specific while others focus on a very specific niche. LinkedIn Today goes above and beyond by culling the best industry news professionals care about while tying it in heavily with the network.

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