What You Can Learn from Emily Henderson’s Interior Design Blog

What Bloggers can Learn from Emily Henderson's Interior Design Blog's Success?

Emily Henderson and Interior Design Blog

Emily Henderson is a popular figure in the interior designing sector and she has become quite successful in this field. Due to her success, she is considered a successful role model to many. The Emily Henderson interior design blog “Style by Emily Henderson” has also become a model to many bloggers with similar interests and passions like her.

Bloggers can learn a lot from Emily Henderson’s interior design blog, on how to create their blogs. She has given tips and advice to those followers. Let’s talk about it.

Advice and Lessons from Emily Henderson

  1. Everyone should know that it is very difficult and unstable to run a business and daily blog, simply due to many uncontrollable factors, especially the investment of time. You may need to consider blogging as a full-time job in order to be successful.
  2. You should ask yourself why you want to start blogging. This answer will help you shape your goal, thinking, and steps. Before building a business, the “why” is very crucial.
  3. If you want to start a blog for the sole purpose of expressing creativity and creating a journal of creative talents, Emily Henderson encourages you to go forward. She also started with the same determination. But no one should put pressure on this for financial profit. If you love to write, love to document your whole process, love to teach, and love to talk about your teachings, then blogging is something you can go for.
  4. If you want to start blogging to grow your current business, then blogging might be a secondary option, the reason being that most people don’t follow blogs in today’s world. But, the good thing about blogging is that you get a lifetime follower, because they like what you are showing and posting, and they stay as a follower. So, Emily encourages you to do blogging, if your purpose is to own a certain group audience. But for more commercial purposes, Instagram and such media might be better. Blogging is almost like a full-time job and that’s why it takes a significant amount of time.
  5. If you want to pursue blogging as a professional blogger, then Emily says that this path is very difficult for attaining success if your primary focus is getting money. She also says, if you want financial success as the main driving force, then, other social media might suit you better.
  6. If you have a strong-willed voice with a unique perspective, and you want to share your perspective with the world, then you should move forward with it. Emily’s encouragement is that age won’t be an obstacle for you to shift toward a creative career if you have enough passion.

Emily Henderson and Blogging Background

Emily Henderson has worked hard for more than 10 years for making her blog into a full-blown popular blogging website. She started it by sharing her opinions on style and design with like-minded people. Now, she works with her team to provide a reliable and relatable source of design & style inspiration. The people here are all considered storytellers from different diversities.

Their motto is to write articles associated with design, style, and dreamy life, and simultaneously create wishful content. They write about window treatment, recipes, and therapy, and then, they do home renovations. Renovations can be confined to one room only, or be done to the whole home. During this renovation period, they document the whole process for the whole world to see.

What Should the Bloggers Learn?

They should watch all the videos and writings by Emily Henderson. While viewing those videos, you will get to learn about the psychology and teachings of Emily herself. You will learn what to take note of when adding personality and style to your room. You will learn how to style your room to make it seem like a part of you.

Make note of what you would like to share in your blogs and also note which audience you would like to target and how to target them. But the process is not fast and you need to maintain patience during the whole period.

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After that, as Emily has showcased her skills in interior designing, you should find something unique to complement your ideas and personal skills.


Starting a blog is daunting. However, if you can properly develop the content of your blog, you will be able to garner a strong following. Blogging is a good way to teach people about your skills, passions, and learnings. Emily Henderson is a skillful person and her teachings will be very helpful in the end. With that in mind, you should employ all of the teachings of Emily Henderson’s interior design blog in your blog. And hopefully, with time, you will also gain success like her.

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