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What’s this about ‘About Pages’?

What’s this about ‘About Pages’?

I’ve never really paid much attention to our About page – or that on my personal blog – or really too much about the ‘about page’ on any of our blogs. But then I read what Brian Clark wrote about ‘About Pages’ over at Copyblogger – and now I know I’m wrong:

Most blog ‘€œAbout’€? pages tend to be about the author, not about the blog. And most of the time, that’€™s where visitors will click away, never to be seen again, because they were provided with no compelling reason to ever come back.

Brian goes on to share some other advice about how to sell your blog to potential subscribers through your ‘About page’.

As an example, Brian used Darren Rowse’s About Page on his Problogger blog.

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Darren also responded with some insights of his own.

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  • Counterpoint: Whenever I’ve used the static “pages” feature on WordPress blogs, whether for About pages or whatever, Technorati has stopped indexing the blog. Is its software is designed not to handle static pages?

  • Hmmm. John, I use tons of static pages in WP, and I got knocked out of Technorati’s indexing too. Janice said it was a problem on their end, and now I think it’s fixed.

    Thanks for the mention, Matt!

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