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When Will Drupal 7.0 Appear?

When Will Drupal 7.0 Appear?

Drupal, a popular CMS used by many blog platforms (most notably the White House) is on the verge of releasing version 7.0 to the masses.

While the latest version promises improvements with security, javascript (speed?) and numerous bug fixes, what Drupal doesn’t promise is when 7.0 will be ready for the public to test out.

The release version of Drupal 7.0 will be ready after (a) there are no more critical bugs and (b) we’ve had at least one release candidate (RC) without adding any more issues to the list.

When will that be? Well, it depends entirely on how many people chip in and help out! The more people help, the faster we can find and fix bugs, and the faster 7.0 gets released. The faster 7.0 gets released, the faster we can start adding new features to Drupal 8.0. So help out where you can, and let’s make this the best and most solid release of Drupal yet! (Official Drupal Blog)

Although known more for being a CMS (aka Content Management System for you non-geeks) than a blogging platform, Drupal is still heavily used as the latter by blog networks like Sugar, Inc. (who also has a free Drupal based blogging platform called OnSugar).

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While robust and versatile, Drupal overall has not been user friendly (at least in the past versions) which might explain why many users have been choosing WordPress to power their sites instead of the former which traditionally has been far more complex.

Version 7.0  upcoming release may help Drupal gain market share among the masses (if not mind share), although that may depend upon how soon they release 7.0 to the masses.

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