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Where do iBegin ?

Where do iBegin ?

First off I like these guys mentality. They take the hype bucket and pitch it squarely out into the backyards of other folks who use hype to gain attention just like the schoolyard bullies who crave attention to launch just another website. I haven’t seen a lot of coverage about them. However there really should be a little more coverage and encouragement to these folks. They do 15 things really well for local search. Something none of the big search engines do well at all.

iBegin boasts a whole load of very cool social features including user editable listings,reviews, ratings, integration with Google Maps and thats just the beginning. However the downside its just in Toronto so I shouldn’t get my hopes up. But when they come to New York. I’m all over it.

iBegin is the future craigslist of local search, and a whole lot more useful than any other search out there. What this has to do with bloggers I have no idea. But its useful. I can’t wait till they integrate local bloggers into the search portals. That would be an idea. Ahmed did you see that integrate local bloggers into the search results, then share revenue with them. It would be a huge success.

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  • Thanks for the writeup. I’m hoping that it will be bloggers that help power the site forward.

    But, I have to ask – what exactly do you mean by integrating the local blogger? We do intend on offering RSS feeds etc soon, but beyond that not sure how we can work closer :)

  • Ahmed, I think the cool thing would be to have a list of local bloggers – that is, you could search each city and find out who’s doing the blogging in that neck of the woods. Stalkers unite!

  • Ahmed,
    Basically why don’t you just have a listing of all the bloggers in Toronto. I will flip you an email with my ideas.

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