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Which Facebook application developer is making more than $1m monthly?

Which Facebook application developer is making more than $1m monthly?

At Allfacebook, Nick O’Neill claims that at least one Facebook application developer is making more than $1m/month, but won’t say who it is:

There’s a pretty well known secret among top Facebook application developers: one developer is generating over $1 million a month. Who is that developer exactly? Well, most people won’t talk about it and after some prodding around we’ve narrowed down the suspects. We aren’t going to post them though because ultimately it doesn’t matter who the individual is. All that matters is that a top application that is used for entertainment purposes is generating over $1 million a month.

So who is it?Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch has a guess:

Excuse me? Actually, it does matter who this mystery million-dollar-a-month Facebook developer is. Facebook apps that make real money are few and far between. It is important for anyone creating such apps to know which models work and which ones don’t. Nick O’Neil at AllFacebook should understand why his readers would want that information, even if his sources would rather that he keep it to himself. It is also important to know who it is in order to try to test the claim.

As it so happens, I’ve heard this million-dollar-a-month claim before. It came from Anu Shukla, the CEO of Offerpal Media, a lead generation network for Facebook apps that gives users a way to earn virtual currency by looking at an ad and completing an action (such as filling out a registration form). O’Neil also points to Offerpal in his post, noting that it can generate average CPMs of $75, with some as high as $200,

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Erick’s guess appears pretty solid – I’ve seen several applications using Offerpal’s virtual currency model.

What’s your guess?

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