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Which Olympic Blogs Are YOU Following?

Which Olympic Blogs Are YOU Following?

Following the Olympics here in the United States on NBC certainly does not guarantee that you will find out who is winning each event. The best place to stay pace with the medal count is the Web. So far, I have enjoyed the coverage available on Thanks to Adobe Flex, they have created an “Olympic Network TV Station.”

Thousands of hours of video will be available on their site, with visitors able to view the events they care about.

There are plenty of Olympic bloggers covering the event too:

U.S. rowers Jason Read and Chris Liwski are writing for the Wall Street Journal.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has assigned:

* Adam Kreek — Rowing
* Alexandra Orlando — Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Anna Rice — Badminton
* Christine Sinclair — Soccer
* Colin Jenkins — Triathlon
* Hugh Macdonald — Archery
* Kevin Sullivan — Athletics
* Kyle Shewfelt — Gymnastics
* Mark Heese — Beach Volleyball
* Sherraine Schalm — Fencing

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But there’s got to be more, right? Tell us how you are following the Olympic games via blog/Twitter…

Hat tip: Dan Wei.

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  • I have been watching out cctv for the live coverage . Thank you for informing us of the cctvolympics link where each and every video will be there to watch.
    Blogging is being improved daily and it is reaching great heights. It is great that the government itself is hiring bloggers to write for the olympics

  • I’ve been mostly watching on NCB and CNBC with a little bit of time spent on the Canadian channel CBC (one advantage of living close to Canada). And I check the headlines regularly on

  • August 2008
    Well I’m thrilled to be a member of the Irish Olympic team and here we are in Athens waiting for the games to begin. Mind you, nobody here seems to be overly excited and it appears we are the first athletes to arrive. Mind you I’ve come across a real gem of a find, in a little secondhand shop close to our motel; an Olympic flag with a misprint (probably why its in a secondhand shop) that says Athens 2004. Reckon that’ll be worth something one day. Anyway can’t hang around, off to training, we are determined to win the tug-of war (our manager reckons the English have been tug-of-war gold medalists since 1904) time to end their run.

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