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Why is Branding Important to Bloggers? Here are 5 Reasons…

Why is Branding Important to Bloggers? Here are 5 Reasons…

why is branding important

As a blogger, all you want is to share your ideas. So you create content on your blog.

But you should know, creating excellent content is not all there is to blogging.

In fact, if your content is not “branded,” it’s likely to get ignored.

Are you a random blogger slash virtual stranger?

If so, you shouldn’t assume your target audience has nothing better to do than check out what you cooked up in your blog.

You’ll end up breaking your own heart if you do.

If you don’t have a well-established brand, many people will not bother with you and your content.

So don’t be one of those bloggers who overlook the need for branding. Even if you perceive yourself as a business and not a brand, your branding matters.

And stop badgering yourself with the question, “Why is branding important?“. Instead, approach the matter head-on: make a brand.

In this post, I will tell you why you need to focus on your brand as a blogger. And for these reasons, you will understand why it’s a key ingredient in every blogger’s success!

1. Grabs attention

Win your audience with a visually-appealing brand. To make this happen, you need to go for the right color scheme.

After all, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%!

That, and it evokes emotions. So to make them feel what you want them to feel, using colors is the trick.

If you choose the right colors, your audience will feel more comfortable around your blog. They can see page elements and read texts better.

2. Provides an opportunity for consistency

Did you know consistent brands generate the most revenue?

Yes, it does!

And in fact, a 23% revenue increase goes to a blog’s consistent presentation!

It’s not surprising given that your brand’s ability to be consistent shows how stable you are as a blogger.

If you’re stable and you don’t introduce confusion, you’re on the right track. This lets people see you as someone authoritative and trustworthy.

And, of course, readers want someone they can count on.

Otherwise, they will feel like you’re wasting their time.

And don’t think consistency is only about logo design and color scheme. It’s not.

It also refers to the frequency and quality of your posts.

3. Builds an immediate connection with your audience

Did you tell your readers what kind of blogger you are?

If you did, then you are helping them associate themselves with you.

You need to build rapport because it’s a way for people to understand you. It eliminates doubts and motivates them to reach out to you.

In fact, 64% of consumers cite “shared values” as the main reason they built a relationship with a brand.

So show your readers a see-through version of you. If you do and they find you relatable, they won’t hesitate to engage with you!

4. Reinforces positive representation

reinforces positive representation

You know, it’s one thing to tell your readers your blogger identity. And it’s another to let them form a misguided or unfavorable impression of your brand.

Without a reliable brand, this can happen. Because your readers don’t know your brand’s true nature, they can say random things.

So you need to intervene because the truth matters.

Remember, your brand is like your character. And it’s your job to strengthen it.

Don’t leave people with the wrong information. That’s like giving them permission to assassinate your character.

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Instead, help them associate your brand with its real message.

To be specific, you should create the right type of content. This technique works.

And 85% of marketers can back it up. Building their brand’s positive reputation is their #1 reason for creating content.

5. Leaves a memory

About 5 to 7 brand impressions.

That’s how much impressions someone makes (on average) before he can recognize your brand.

Brand recognition, in this sense, is not instant. But it doesn’t change the fact that your brand is in someone’s head.

So show your brand to people. It helps you establish a reputation that your audience won’t soon forget.


Don’t set aside the need for good branding. It’s one of the best ways you can establish yourself as a leading figure in your industry.

If you intended to skip brand creation before you stumbled on this article, don’t worry. You can begin the process now!

Lucky for you, many tools can help you out.

CoSchedule is one of them. It’s an editorial marketing calendar that can give you a hand with consistency. With it, you can focus on producing quality content and be in line with your schedule!

There’s also Renderforest logo maker. With AI algorithms, you’re in good hands. This will help you come up with a logo for your blog.

And you should consider using Beaver Builder, too. It’s an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder for your WordPress site.

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