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Widen Your Scope With Kaizen and Bootstrapping

Widen Your Scope With Kaizen and Bootstrapping

Raj Dash’s got a great post up on Freelance Folder on how to build your freelance skills by applying Kaizen and bootstrapping methods to your writing. Basically, it’s all about setting goals, achieving them, and setting new goals, while not spending more than necessary. Simple, obvious stuff, the kind of things you totally neglect in your rush to fame and fortune.

You can ease into your new skill set, as well as into financial commitments, all the while earning something to make the transition worthwhile. If you apply both the principles of Kaizen and bootstrapping, then transitioning becomes a process that you can control. This does not mean it’ll be easy, but the process will be manageable.

It’s well worth a read, especially for bloggers that are thinking of branching out, altering the blog’s focus, or launching new projects.

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