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Will 2008 be the year of the political blogger?

Will 2008 be the year of the political blogger?

With a US Presidential Election this fall, along with 1/3rd of the Senate up for re-election, and the entire House of Representatives, could 2008 truly be the year of the political blogger?

The New York Times certainly thinks so:

Beginning Monday, hundreds of bloggers will descend on Denver to see Barack Obama accept his party’s nomination. Next week, hundreds more will travel to St. Paul to witness John McCain’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. But now these online partisans, many of whom are self-financed, must contend with all the logistical and financial hurdles just to get there — not to mention the party politics happening behind the scenes.

This year, both parties understand the need to have greater numbers of bloggers attend. While many Americans may watch only prime-time television broadcasts of the convention speeches, party officials also recognize the ability of bloggers to deliver minute-by-minute coverage of each day’s events to a niche online audience.

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To put this into perspective, the 2004 DNC in Boston credentialed only around twelve bloggers. This year, hundreds of bloggers have been credentialed at both convention. The micro-coverage from the smaller blogs and in-depth coverage provided by the larger blogs is going to elevate the artform of political blogging to a whole new level.

I can’t wait to watch..

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  • geez matt, don’t you ever sleep?

    rather than run around to all the posts from this morning let me just say that:
    1. i haven’t rec’d any message from obama yet either
    2. yay: political bloggers!
    3. i started out with nothing but what you called ‘speed linking’ years ago and surprisingly enough, when i started actually ‘writing’ i got some measure of resistance from the regulars, so every now and then i still do it.
    4. and well, i don’t follow social media (yea right)

    good posts this morning… thanks for the early morning busy-ness.

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