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Will Dot ME Take Center Stage?

Will Dot ME Take Center Stage?

Starting today, domain names with a dot me extension will be sold for the first time to the general public. Dot me was originally assigned to the small nation of Montenegro in Southeastern Europe. In order to cash in, they’ve decided to remove geographic
restrictions on domain name ownership.

Will this become a way for people to take ownership of their name? Do big time bloggers need to run out and secure their own name? (Perhaps that’s a question Jonathan Bailey can address).

Given the social networking boom, the nation has teamed up with
EnCirca to facilitate the sale process.

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If you have a current trademark or service mark, that was registered in your name BEFORE June 28, 2006, dot me is available to you now.
Everyone else can get in on the self-centered action later in June ’08.

Do you think dot me domains will become mainstays or fly under the radar as a brief trend?

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  • I think that these are going to be the most popular with the porn industry at the outset. The cost is much higher than most other extensions and I think this is reflective of the massive rush in the porn industry. Put just about any verb or action phrase in front of .ME and it almost instantly turns erotic. The tame ones that you mention in your article only begin to tempt the imagination.

    Because of this, I would not be a bit surprised if the firewalls and corporate filters of the future block .ME from getting through.

  • I think they’ll go the way of every single other domain that stories like this have been printed about, which is to make no particularly significant impact whatsoever. I doubt any domain will ever be as favoured as .com and .net for serious use.

  • I think it s just another way for the registrars to make money. Now they are feeding on people s fears to protect their existing domain names. It s the darker side of the internet, what started off as a practical approach to securing an appropriate domain name is now under exploitation.

  • ha ha, this is ridiculous. the internet is always aboyt THEM, and with the introduction of ME, I is becomming important. someday they will have an extenion I too, by the way they are going

  • I personally hope that the dot me domain name value remains low so that normal people like myself can get some very brandable and recognizable names for cheap and make fun websites like you could at the dawn of the internet. Everyday peeps! register .me domains and make fun websites before domainers start making it harder by sitting on them! Their are tons of great ones left!

  • I very much agree with the comment above. Im beginning to see alot of .mes ranking with exact match keyword domains and there are a ton available. Its a great time to be a webmaster with a small budget because very few have taken advantage of the potentially brandability and seo power of a brandable exact match .me

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