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Will Users Digg The Return Of The Bury Button?

Will Users Digg The Return Of The Bury Button?

In an attempt to regain relevancy among the masses, Digg has announced that the company is bringing back the bury button to the celebration of Digg fans everywhere.

I am happy to announce that we’ve made a few changes to our story list design, including bringing back the bury button.

When burying a story, the story will remain visible with the ‘Buried’ label on top of it. Simply hover over the story and the label will hide so that you can continue interacting with the story. Note, you can still save or comment on stories that you’ve buried, but you can’t Digg something once you’ve buried it so make sure you use some discretion when burying. We’ve also removed the “Report” link from permalink pages. This was intentional, as burying a story also flags the story for review so our team can remove content that violates our terms of service. (Official Digg Blog)

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The company also made a few more cosmetic changes making it easier to see who submitted stories  as well as follow people without visiting their profile page thanks to the mini “hover window” that appears when your cursor rolls over the submitter’s link.

While it’s good to see the bury button return, only time will tell whether this change will pacify some of their hard core users, as well as help the company compete against its more social rivals like Twitter and Facebook (the latter who seems to have stolen most of Digg’s thunder).

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