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Winer and Curry fall out

Winer and Curry fall out

Blog god Dave Winer, the founder of Podcasting, has fallen out with former MTV-DJ Adam Curry, according to posts at Scripting News.

It appears that Winer has taken deep offence to an interview Curry gave to Wired in which he took much of the credit for the creation of Podcasting.

Although Winer and Curry are often jointly credited with popularising Podcasting, Winer is credited as being the creator of the technology that bought about the medium.

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Winer and Curry were previously close, including partaking in joint podcasts. Winer now describes Curry as a “dickhead” and a fading star.

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  • Ya gotta love it when two people with egos bigger than the grand canyon get into a pissing match. Pass the popcorn, please!

    (On a more serious note, thank goodness for the more humble creator-folk. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t see Tim Berners-Lee ranting and stomping all the time, for instance.)

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