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Kate Winslet Criticizes Social Media, Parents

Kate Winslet Criticizes Social Media, Parents

Winslet criticizes social media

Over the weekend, one of the stars of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs film spoke out against what she perceives to be poor parenting in the age of social media. Steve Jobs costar Kate Winslet told The Sunday Times that parents are losing control of their kids to technology. Winslet specifically singles out social media.

While it’s tempting to quickly dismiss Winslet’s critique of technology and social media, she brings up a few good points, including the bizarre fact that young girls are posting pictures of themselves online for strangers to “like” or comment on. (If you try to remove yourself from selfie-culture for just a second, you’ll probably see how strange this phenomena is.)

It’s easy to get mad or upset when Winslet criticizes social media and the parents who let their kids have unrestrained access to technology, but the point is one that comes up over and over in scientific studies from all around the world, many of which we’ve written about here at the Blog Herald.

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In the latest Steve Jobs film, Winslet plays the role of Joanna Hoffman opposite Michael Fassbender’s Steve Jobs. In reality, Hoffman was one of the original members of Apple’s Macintosh team and one of Jobs’s closest confidants at Apple. Obviously, it’s a bit ironic that Winslet would speak out so critically of technology just weeks after the release of the tech blockbuster Steve Jobs.

What do you think about Winslet’s statements on parenting and social media? Winslet criticizes social media harshly, but is it warranted? Let us know in the comments below.

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