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Wired threatens to sue blog over “WiredPod” blog name

Wired threatens to sue blog over “WiredPod” blog name

In yet another case of big business losing the plot, Advance Magazine Publishers, the folks behind Wired Magazine, have sent a cease and desist letter to the publisher of the WiredPod blog demanding that they cease using the domain name immediately and hand it over to them because people might get confused about which site they are reading. Yeh…right. Check out here and then check out here. Many similarities…I don’t think so. If they want the domain name at least offer them some money for it, why use a big stick when you can use greenbacks instead!

(thanks to Jared for the tip)

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  • Hello readers of BlogHerald,

    Update: I’ve responded to their email, however they are continuing their pursuit to ask me to transfer the domain to them.

    All I need to know now… is what are my chances to fight against them or at least to prove my valid points? Anybody wants to offer free legal help?

    * Trying to look optimistic

    jared l.

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