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Women not into online videos

Women not into online videos

Women are not really into Internet videos. A study by eMarketer revealed that 97 million women in the US will use the Internet this year compared with 91 million men. The report also says that only 66 percent of those women are watching videos online compared to 78 percent of men. Not really that much gap.

“Men are more visual than women, who tend to communicate in writing and or in words,” said Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst with eMarketer and the author of the report.

Williamson also said that despite the growth of YouTube, women have not been part of the site’s traffic spike.

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Women do not watch online videos because there are no videos suited for them. Come up with videos for them and they will be flocking online as well. By the way, now has full videos of their past day’s show. This can be a good start.

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  • I don’t mind videos sometimes if they’re short and relevant; in fact, I like them very much.

    I prefer print because I can skim and move through the material as quickly or as slowly as I want. With video (and podcasting) I’m forced into the broadcaster’s pace — I’m busy and want to choose for myself how to spend my time.

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