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WooThemes Goes GPL, More Will Follow

WooThemes Goes GPL, More Will Follow

Premium themes marketplace WooThemes are changing things, going GPL on all themes, and launches a theme club, along with the WooCamp blog. There’s a bunch of membership options for the themes club, and the whole site got a makeover. More will follow. It is hip to be GPL these days.

So yet another premium themes seller goes GPL. I think that’s good, but as Alex King pointed out (and then at least somewhat rephrased), the pure fact that themes are GPL’d means that anyone can do anything with them. Including buying them and uploading them to, or cut-and-paste whatever they might like from them. Then again, my guess is that a lawyer looking into the WordPress license in the first place, would say that all themes are GPL, no matter what the theme author say and think. That’s my take on GPL anyway, and that’s why I’ll offer my upcoming theme for free.

Support, updates, and freebies is the way to go if you want to make money selling multiple access to themes.

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