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WordPress 2.6.1 is Out Now, Update if You Want

WordPress 2.6.1 is Out Now, Update if You Want

First of all, WordPress 2.6.1 was released last Friday, which is probably what a lot of bloggers were waiting for before adapting to the 2.6 branch. I used to wait for the .1 release myself, but stopped doing that with 2.6 actually, and I’m glad I did:

If you’re happy with 2.6, however, keep on using it. You need not upgrade to 2.6.1 if 2.6 is getting the job done.

This is a first from the WordPress developers, telling you to nab the new version if you feel like it, but if you don’t think you need it then you don’t need to bother! Will you update your blog to 2.6.1?

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  • I did think about staying at 2.6 — I wasn’t experiencing any problems. But the note telling me the new version was available, please update now in the Admin area bugged me, so I updated.

  • I upgraded two blogs, left two others alone. Had so many problems caused by the 2.6 upgrade (requiring two calls to host tech support to unscramble) that I didn’t want to tempt fate. The ones I upgraded were the ones with almost no traffic.

    I wish I could tell that stupid nag message to go away.

  • @infmom – agree! i am so annoyed at that message whenever i login, is there no way to turn it off? I’m actually a bit apprehensive to upgrade, might encounter errors with the themes i have installed.

  • I am finding it impossible to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6. My hosting is on Go Daddy – all the sites on Network Solutions upgraded without a problem. But when I upgrade to 2.6 on the Go Daddy hosting account everything seems to go well until I have to log back in after the installation. The old password does not work and I request a new password. That doesn’t work either – so I have had to go back to 2.5 just to get the site to display. Any ideas? Thanks, Chief

  • @ Chief:

    If you are having problems with upgrading WordPress, then contact the WordPress Support Forum. Or your server host if the issue lies with them. Good luck with it and you will probably find your answer by searching the Support Forum.

  • @ Jay Parkhill:

    GoDaddy is known to have problems and they are covered extensively in the WordPress Support Forums. Are your sure your problems are with WordPress and not the host or your Theme? There were changes in Themes from 2.5 to 2.6.

    Going back to past versions risks your blog’s security as some of the latest upgrades are mandatory for security reasons. It is very risky, and not recommended, but you can find old versions in the WordPress Release Archive. Do so at your own risk.

  • Thanks for this. I have not the slightest idea where the problem lies and have posted my problem in a couple places hoping someone might be able to tell me what might have gone wrong in the upgrade.

    The specific problem was that I upgraded, clicked the “upgrade” button, then went to log in and WP told me my credentials were wrong and that the admin email address I had on record was not valid (since downgrading I have confirmed that the address was correct).

    I understand 2.6.2 was supposed to send me an email with new credentials. It seems like the email address got lost in the upgrade so the new credential info never reached me. Would that likely be an issue with Godaddy. WP or my theme? I really have no idea.

    Fortunately I made a backup of my 2.5 installation right before I upgraded so I have gone back to that.

    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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