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WordPress 2.7 Due on December 4, 2008

WordPress 2.7 Due on December 4, 2008

WordPress 2.7 will arrive on Thursday, December 4, 2008, at 8PM Eastern Time in the United States, so says the blog and Jane Wells of .

WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 was released December 1, with 280 commits since WordPress 2.7 beta 3. This release includes the new menu icons created by the winners of WordPress 2.7: Project Icon, and fixes to the browser bugs that have been giving the development team headaches.

Originally, bloggers were told that they would not get a glimpse of the new WordPress 2.7 features and interface until about two weeks after the full version release. With the first release candidate out, and only four days before the conversion to WordPress 2.7, I’m not sure if the full version will be out before or just after.

The article also includes instructions on what to expect on from the new features and instructions on using the new Administration Panel interface, though most of it is really user friendly and intuitive.

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For a glimpse of some of the new features, see WordPress 2.7 Release News and Links.

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  • I hope this release will be better than the previous one. I haven’t had any issues with the previous versions but I heard some people having trouble. Must be the plugins and whatnot. Sheesh, good thing my blog is all bare. Lols!

    • The last release was actually one of the most stable releases. As always, people using older Plugin and Theme versions or Plugins that conflict with each other due to changes in the core, will have problems, but generally it had fewer problems due to the growing stable testing environment the WordPress Community has built. Your experience with having no issues is a common one. Few do, and if they do, they are quickly and easily resolved, most often traced to Plugins not core programming.

  • Apart from getting used to the new UI, I have to say that my experience with 2.7 RC 1 has been flawless. I upgraded from 2.6.3 with no issues, no plugin conflicts and no theme hiccups. The only challenge for me is threaded comments, which I may stall off for a while…

  • 2.7 final for .org will come out a bit later than it goes on I’ve heard a guess at Dec. 10, but as of now, we’re just dealing with bugs that come in and waiting to see how it does on .com. Since we’re in RC1, we’re comfortable telling people to go ahead and upgrade now on .org, especially since the automatic upgrade built into 2.7 means updating is a breeze.

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