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WordPress: All The Smartphones Now Belong To Us (Windows Phone 7)

WordPress: All The Smartphones Now Belong To Us (Windows Phone 7)

After quietly unveiling their Windows Phone website, WordPress has just announced that their official Windows Phone 7 app is now live for the masses to download.

In this, the first version of WordPress for Windows Phone 7, you will find most of what you’ve come to expect from WordPress apps. It’s easy to write and edit posts and pages on the move, you can upload photos, as well as check stats and moderate comments. It’s all easily accessible from an Actions dashboard. In future versions of the app we’re also hoping to implement video uploading – let us know what else you’d like to see!

To navigate through the app a Panorama view is used, something unique to the Windows Phone 7 platform that works really well for managing a blog or a website. (Official WordPress Blog)

For those wondering why video uploading was excluded, it has more to do with the Windows Phone 7 platform than a lack of foresight from WordPress (an issue Ad Astra Consulting ran into when creating WPTumblr).

From the promo video above, the app looks as if it supports basic formatting options like bold, italics, underline and strike through, as well as the ability to insert links and create blockquotes (features I long to have within my iPhone app).

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WordPress partnered with iSoftStone in order to help create an official app for WP fans, which supports both and self hosted WordPress blogs.

Thus far WordPress is the first platform to launch an official app upon Windows Phone 7 and is the only one with an official app across every major smartphone which includes Blackberry, Nokia, Android and the mighty iPhone.

With over one million users utilizing their official app across 5 different mobile OS’s, WordPress’s heavy embrace of the mobile-verse could help the CMS not only expand in places where computers are considered a luxury, but also overtake its chief rival (i.e. Blogger).

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