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WordPress Beta Testing GTD Features Upon

WordPress Beta Testing GTD Features Upon

Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has just rolled out several major features for WP fans that will make a GTD guru (or “Get Things Done”) heart swoon.

You’re writing a post (or a page) in WordPress. You mention something you’ve written about before, and think to yourself, “I’m going to link to that last post!” What do you do? You might open a new tab and search for the older content in your dashboard’s list of posts, or you might go to your live blog and find it. Either way, you have to find that content and get the URL, so that when you click on the link button in the post editor, you’ll have it ready. Right? What’s that, 5-8 steps, depending on which way you do it? No more!

With our sexy new internal linking feature, you can now enter any URL to create a link just like you used to, OR you can search your existing posts and pages right there in the link popup. A combination of pre-loading, autocomplete, and some ajaxy goodness make the new link creation tool a joy to use (and man, that popup is so much faster!). We hope this addition spurs you to make more connections between pieces of content on your site, which will make it easier for your visitors to find more related content from you. One more time, all together now: Yay! (Right?) (Official WordPress Blog)

Along with the upcoming Tumblr-like features, the internal linking and page features will be making their way to version 3.1 which will hopefully be arriving by Christmas of this year.

Other features the company is testing out include an ajax search engine, column sorting and the ability to finally type in the page number you want to visit when looking at your archives (a feature long overdue).

WordPress also went the extra mile by making WordPress IE 9 friendly (which should please Microsoft), making the CMS/blog software much easier to use for those unable or unwilling to switch away to another browser.

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Users can currently test out the new features by logging into and blogging as Automattic is beta testing the latest version upon millions of users (note: don’t worry, it looks really stable).

Have you tested out these features upon If so, what is your opinion regarding the latest (and greatest) features rolling out to the WP universe?

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